broken rose channel and chapters. born in Mansfield, Ohio, May 31, 1959 at 8:14 am. Gemini poster boy grew up in Sanford, North Carolina and in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia.

Weened at Beecher Hills Baptist Church Kindergarten and educated at Cascade Road Elementary School in Atlanta, GA, and Marietta Jr. and Sr. High School in Marietta, Georgia.

Attended the University of Georgia, Athens. Studied with Coleman Barks and James Herbert. At the University of Virginia,  studied with Charles Wright and Gregory Orr. Also studied independently with Robert Bly, Fran Quinn, William Stafford, Ruth Stone, Allen Ginsberg, Marion Woodman, Joseph Campbell and Ed Sanders.

Writings include poetry published in Ploughshares, Gettysburg Review, Southern Poetry Review, Seneca Review, Poetry East, Antioch Review, Plainsong, Iris, and Painted Bride Quarterly among others.

Arc of poetic and professional journey took him from Athens, GA (77-81) to Jasper, GA (81-83), Charlottesville, VA (83-86), Baltimore, MD (86-91), Chicago, IL (91), Athens, GA (92-93), Nashville, TN (93-present). Teaches in the Department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy at Tennessee State University.

Haw River Lotus


Every moment,

Open, flower.

The world

Exists in

Order to



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