Elvis Crockett, Memphis Pocket

from the prodigal drummer:


What Thunderama 2012 said…

I, Elvis Crockett think this little light of mine got some shine, has some value to offer and I am working on non-attachment to outcome.

Which will make this whole project better to write and hopefully to read.

I, Elvis Crockett, am an agent of the Prodigal paradigm. As prodigal, I approach the tribe from the outside to the inside. Have researched links with ancient scapegoat anthropology. Blake has this initiation mapped out in songs of innocence and experience.

The podigal had blown the inheritance and been out rollin with the pigs, and I, Elvis Crockett, have done some of that.

In addition, I, EC,  have also flown some with the angels.

What drives a prodigal far from home,

Calls him back again,

And again, empty-handed.

Flush with mortal love.