autumn alabama continued…


From Tobacco Sunburst (2004)


Woke up one morning,

my head still swimming dreams.

I glimpsed a lovely lady;

the artist of a charming scene.

She paints in colors

and always works alone.

Her name is Alabama

and she calls the harvest home.


She nudged me on

And I walked into the story

Of cinnamon cemeteries

Winesap apple glories

Row by row she lined the fields

With broken stalks and such

When mother nature make the way

Who could want for much


Harvest the colors of Autumn Alabama

Orange and garnet and gold

Mother Nature paints with Autumn Alabama

So that nothing but the sky grows old.


She told me don’t believe that winter’s too bewitching

You can hear what lives inside if you’ll only listen


When that wind turns the city thin

And neon lights announce

Zero’s the bone—old man winter’s in the house

I let my mind go back to autumn Alabama

Such patience sets the stage for spring and all that glamour.